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Choices Women’s Clinic is a non-profit medical pregnancy clinic equipping women to make healthy, life-affirming choices regarding unplanned pregnancies. Here, women are empowered and valued. They find hope, care and support. They find life … and Christ. The amazing folks behind Choices Women's Clinic’s work together to save lives — not just those of the unborn, but the mothers that carry them. And friends, I have seen the miracles that happen first-hand, the blessings and inspiring stories of new futures, and the love and care given to these women (and men!) who come in with no hope. 

I designed these nursery prints exclusively for the annual Walk for Life fundraiser for Choice's Women's Clinic. This year, we have a verrrry big goal to raise to make a change in our city — $200,000! This event raises the funds needed for us to provide all these services to women for FREE!

100% of the proceeds from these prints will be donated to Choices Ministries.

I am so excited to also be giving every new mom at Choices Women's Clinic a print to hang in their baby's nursery.
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I am a Child of God Art Print
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Why I Walk for Life

Cami Monet Walk for Life

I'm not a mother, but I am a woman (and a proud aunt!). And I'm always humbled and awed by the fact that the creator of the universe gave us the extraordinary power to create life! And with that extraordinary power comes beautiful self-sacrifice, love, kindness and compassion that I can only hope to emulate when my I become a mom. 

I am convinced that God created women with very important, exclusive roles to fill in this world. He put characteristics of His own image into us that He did not impart the same way to men. We are nurterers; we are built to give life in a million different ways (even if we never give birth ourselves). We are advocates for what is right and true. We are fearless. We are relentless (sometimes to a fault!), but we strive to be Proverbs 31 women who are relentless in loving others, grace, mercy, faith, service and kindness. We love. And we identify ourselves by the people we love. (I'm a mother." "I'm a wife." "I'm a teacher.") We need to celebrate our empowerment and identity in Christ — the identity that gives us all the empowerment we need to love others fiercely, stand up for the oppressed, give of ourselves with self-sacrificial love, and fight for what is right and true.

I see women today who are afraid and hopeless, but I believe God is at work in the circumstances of everyone's life, and he can redeem any situation and use it for his glory. I know that we are all equal, made in the image of God, and our value is not found in our abilities to do certain tasks or be certain things. Every singe life is valuable and loved because we are God's greatest creation. And isn't that something worth celebrating?

I walk because life is always more important than lifestyle. I walk so women can know they are valuable, worthy, enough and empowered. I walk because every child is a blessing and should always be treated as such. I walk because I love my nephew's sweet laugh. I walk because Satan thrives in death and fear. I walk to bring God's light and love to the world. I walk because life matters, and God's purpose is greater than our own!

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Every little bit helps us reach our $200,000 goal. Thank you so much for you contribution!